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Board to Board Interview: Tony Huang

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Monte Jade is excited to interview our former vice chair Tony Huang (黃君耀). Monte Jade's Board to Board Interview Series is designed to create a personal connection between our community and great leaders. The interview focuses on bringing color to the journey of leaders so we can understand the challenges that they also faced as they advanced in their careers. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Speaker bio: Tony Huang is currently Co-Founder and Managing Partner at KISO Capital, a Silicon Valley based specialty finance company dedicated to providing efficient and minimally-dilutive growth capital financing solutions to startup companies in technology and other high-growth industries. Tony is a 25-year veteran of Silicon Valley and Asia’s venture capital industry with extensive experience in venture lending, direct investment, venture fund investment, and corporate development, with emphasis on US and Asia cross-border transactions.  Since 1995, Tony has been an active participant in Silicon Valley and Asia’s venture capital and entrepreneurial ecosystems, serving as an investment professional, angel investor, trusted advisor, and a catalyst to facilitate entrepreneurial value creation.  During his career, Tony has been responsible for providing over $300 million in venture debt financing to over 200 companies, invested in over 35 startups, and sponsored over 25 venture capital fund investments.  Companies that Tony has invested in include Fortinet, PayPal, Marvell, PowerSet, Silicon Motion, SMIC, TransMedia, BCDsemi, Carbonite, among others. Tony received his BS degree in Finance from San Jose State University and an MBA from California State University-East Bay.

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