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About Us


Named after the highest mountain in Taiwan, Monte Jade Science and Technology Association was established in 1989 by a group of high-tech Chinese-American executives living and working in Silicon Valley. The initial driving force was to bring the high-tech experts from the Bay Area and the other side of Pacific together. "Monte Jade" was chosen to signify cross-cultural and technological foresight and excellence of the highest level. The association incorporated as a non-profit organization in California on February 4, 1990 holding it's opening ceremony in San Jose, California.


Monte Jade's objective is to promote the cooperation and mutual flow of technology and investment. This provides an opportunity for professionals and corporations on both sides of the Pacific to network and share valuable experiences in investment, opportunities, management, technology and business information exchange.


Following the 1995 Asian Study Tour, the Asian American young professionals who participated in the tour have since organized a chapter closely associated with Monte Jade West and named it MJAA.


MJAA’s goal is to serve the needs of young professionals like networking, career development, and business opportunities in both Asia and in Silicon Valley. The group organizes regular professional and social events throughout the year, with the Asia Study Tour as its marquee event. All the members of this organization are automatically included as Monte Jade West members and it's president sits on the Monte Jade West board.


Several chapters across the nation have been established: New York (East), Chicago (Mid-West), Washington DC, New England, Pittsburgh, Atlanta (South-East) and Philadelphia. To better coordinate among all chapters, the Monte Jade-USA was organized in 1993. The founding organization in the Bay Area has thus become Monte Jade-West Coast.

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