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2023 Board Members

Monte Jade is a non-profit organization led by a volunteer board.

The board provides guidance on the direction, objectives and activities that Monte Jade pursues. 

Monte Jade West was founded by high tech professionals from Taiwan and has the mission to promote the cooperation and mutual flow of innovation and investment globally. It is a platform for professionals and enterprises to network and share valuable experience and opportunities in business, investment, management, innovations, and career development. This non-profit organization is operated by dedicated volunteers and supported by sponsors in various industries.

Chairman & Vice Chair

Tze Yeoh_edited.jpg

楊子彬 (Tze Yeoh)
2023 Chairman

Nana Tseng.jpeg

曾雅君 (Nana Tseng)
2023 Vice Chair


陳思凱 (Kai Chen)
2023 Vice Chair

Board Members

Reuben Chen_half.jpg

Board Member

李傑 (Dr. Jay Lee)

Board Member

Jay Lee.PNG (12).jpg

林子傑 (TJ Lin)

Board Member (4).jpg

劉文芳 (Wen-Fang Liu)

Board Member

Roger Liang.jpg

Board Member

Rebecca Liao.jpg

Board Member

Board Member (9).jpg

談景佩 (Marilyn Tan)

Gloria Tang.jpg

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Hao Zheng.PNG
Ryan Yee.jpg

Board Member


Board Member

Guan Wang.jpg

Board Member


Secretary General


章均寧 (Emil Chang)

Legal Consultant


謝含欣 (Helen Hsieh)

Administrative Assistant

Brandon High AE9A9941 (1).jpg
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