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7/17/2023 - Climate Tech Perspectives: Powering our Future with Hydrogen

Join Good Morning Silicon Valley Association, Singapore Global Network, and Monte Jade West. as we delve into the transformative potential of hydrogen technology in addressing the urgent challenges of climate change. As the world seeks sustainable and clean energy alternatives, hydrogen has emerged as a game-changing solution with immense potential to revolutionize multiple sectors. This in person/online event brings together VCs, experts, and entrepreneurs from the climate tech and hydrogen sector to explore the latest advancements, innovative applications, and entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of hydrogen technology. Through the exchange of ideas and innovation, we hope to drive the transition to a greener and more sustainable future.

  • Date/Time: July 17th (Monday), 6:30 pm (PST) Check in, 7:00pm - 8:30pm event, (Taipei Time: July 18th, 10:00 am, *Evening Snacks/drinks will be served on site.

  • Venue: 2880 Zanker Road, #103, San Jose, CA (Zoom link is available after you sign up)

Speaker: Fengping Wu is co-founder and CEO of Nulyzer. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of clean energy and carbon trading. Prior to establishing Nulyzer, he worked with multiple SV cleantech startups. Fengping came to the United States for his MBA study at UNC Chapel Hill. Before coming to the U.S, he served as a Senior Project Manager at a UK fund management company. In this role, he managed various carbon trading projects across China and Southeast Asia.

Speaker: Ehren Goossens is currently a venture builder at Venture Lab Niterra Group, part of Niterra Group (日本特殊陶业株式会社), focused on new ventures in energy and environment sectors. Previously, he founded a boutique management consulting and advisory firm. Before that, he worked first in Beijing as a renewable energy and energy technology analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance and then as reporter for Bloomberg in New York covering the same areas. Ehren received his MBA from Tel Aviv University, BA from Fordham University in New York, majoring in economics. He studied Chinese at Tsinghua University.

Moderator: Tim Liao is currently an investment associate at Acorn Pacific Ventures. Before that, he was a marketing director, at a series-C startup in Beijing, in-deco, and a management consultant of Bebit Management Consulting. Tim received his MS from Columbia University in international finance, economic and environmental policy, and his BS degree from National Chengchi University in diplomacy.

Host: Good Morning Silicon Valley Association is in the process of applying for a non-profit organization aiming to foster and strengthen the projects of impact and sustainability. We’ll help innovative ideas gain ground, match starting entrepreneurs with our pool of mentors, nurture startups under the guidance of technological and business veterans and experts. Our platform will connect you with the same-minded peers and visionaries, and link you to hard-acquired resources through our years of study and networking. With humanity and care in mind, together we’ll create a better world.

Co-hosts: Singapore Global Network (SGN), part of the Singapore Economic Development Board, is building a community of friends of Singapore globally. We warmly invite you to join our network to forge meaningful connections with our >100,000 strong community of professionals, entrepreneurs and friends of Singapore, stay updated on the latest developments in Singapore and Asia, be invited to professional and social networking events around the world, and access industry guides and perks with Singapore brands.

Monte Jade West Science and Technology Association is a professional association organized to foster the relationship between technology professionals and corporations on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Started by Chinese-American professionals based in Silicon Valley in 1989, Monte Jade West provides an opportunity for professionals to share valuable experiences in business investments, opportunities, and management in the technology sector.

*Please note: Since the venue (ITRI office) front door will be closed at 6:00 pm. Please use the back door as the entrance. We will place a sign at the door. See the link with the back door coordinate below. Thank you, look forward to seeing you.

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