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1/20/2024 - Board Social

On a picturesque Saturday of January 20 at the Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club, our Chairwoman Nana Tseng kicked off the first event of 2024 with a Board social, emphasizing the importance of our Board to tap into their networks to strengthen our membership and community.

During the luncheon, she expressed gratitude to Tze Yeoh for her outstanding leadership with a symbolic gift. Board member Brian Wang led engaging discussions, spanning topics from humanoid bots to U.S. election. The exploration of BYD, SpaceX, AI, and the macroeconomic landscape of the U.S. added depth to the dialogue. Also discussed were plans for a Women on Board Leadership event in the fall. The luncheon seamlessly transitioned to an afterparty hosted by Steve and Jessica. Special thanks to Steve and Jessica for the delightful Malaysian cuisine, adding an authentic touch to the evening.

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