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Town-hall - Escalating US / China Tensions

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

As tensions between two rising power continue to create conflict, Monte Jade hosted a town-hall to facilitate civil discourse on some challenging topics.

1. H1B Visa restrictions: its impact on education, labor transfers, and company employment.

2. IP protection: its impact on cybersecurity, royalty, and cross country investments.

3. Global trade: its impact on duties, import/export restrictions, and trade agreements.

The town-hall broke out into discussion rooms where facilities helped to moderate difficult conversations. We believe the it is through ongoing civil dialog in which we can better prepare future leaders with the different perspectives of the topics that will impacts us most as the Chinese community.

In the IP breakout session of the MJAA Town Hall, conversations revolved around the following key topics, firstly Chinese grad students may be next hit by US-China tensions. Secondly, the US ban on Chinese Students with military links divides experts on impact. Thirdly, . We touched upon 4 sectors where there is conflict and breakdown in exchanges - Communications / 5G, ML/ A, Chinese VC and architecture designs leading in China vs US

In the Global Trade breakout session as part of the MJAA Town Hall, participants discussed how the rising tension between the U.S. and China is impacting their roles or industries, from rising production and logistics costs to company's investment decisions at the CEO or Board level. Companies are having to diversify their sources, due to increasing challenges of sourcing from China. As a result, some counties have actually benefitted. We also looked into the future and discussed some concrete steps we could take as working professionals to mitigate the risks. One suggestion is to continue building relationships and share with others our backgrounds and values. Another suggestion is to decouple the current administration's actions towards China from the natural tension that comes when 2 world powers compete with each other. Participants also felt it would be important to make a clear distinction between the Chinese government and the Chinese people / Chinese Americans.

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