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6/28/2024 - Happy Hour MJW & MJAA

Nana Tseng, chairman of Monte Jade West, recently hosted a delightful happy hour where several MJW board members and key leaders from the MJAA gathered for an enjoyable Friday afternoon over glasses of wine.

Monte Jade is proud to have Julie Huang leading this year’s Mentorship Program. Julie expressed gratitude for the strong support of the Monte Jade West Board of Directors, many of whom she met in person at the event. Julie shared how she initially struggled with the model minority myth, feeling unsure about seeking support as an Asian American. The MJAA Mentorship Program provided a transformative space where she could embrace her identity fully and integrate it into her professional journey.

COVID-19 prompted Julie to rethink her identity and the challenges faced by Asian Americans. She found solace and empowerment through the mentorship program, which allowed her to embrace her role as a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. Julie is excited to be the chair of this year's MJAA mentorship program, aiming to deepen personal and professional connections through in-person interactions in the Bay Area.

If you are interested in joining the MJAA Mentorship Program, click here for more information.

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