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Special Forum: Transformation in Communications – Technology, Security, Investments -2020.10.10

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Communication technologies have grown in waves and each one was driven by new advances in power and speed. As we approach the new wave via the deployment of 5G across the globe, we will see an acceleration of applications at the edge of the network in which lower powered devices will dominate. Will Yuan, Director of Strategic Business Development for ARM will join us to discuss how he sees the landscape changing. With each of these new devices on the edge potentially having proprietary systems and data models, the complexity for integration and orchestration will become a nightmare. Jesse Shiah - CEO and Cofounder of AgilePoint has solved this complexity via a no-code process and data integration solution. This platform allows non-technical operating team members to easily upgrade, adapt and integrate new data sources rapidly to solve business problems. As devices continue to proliferate cyber criminals will have increased surface areas to exploit - this is a problem front and center for Acer Cyber Security. Maverick Shih, Chairman of Acer Cyber Security will provide insights on how they have built a full suite of tools to prevent, detect and address risk for their customers. He will also provide insights in how Acer Cyber Security looks at investments in this new age. This investing landscape has seen some rapid changes and companies are looking for different ways to accelerate or bulk up their own capabilities, Kyle Park of Harvest Partner will provide insights on how the industry is shifting and where buyers are findingopportunities.


Maverick Shih – Acer – Board Member, Acer Cyber Security – Chairman

Will Yuan – ARM – Director of Strategic Business Development

Jesse Shiah – AgilePoint – Co-founder & CEO

Kyle Park – Harvest Partners LLC – Managing Director

Host: Monte Jade West

Co-host: NATEA (The North America Taiwanese Engineering & Science Association)

Location: Online

Date: Saturday, October 10, 2020

Time: 3:00-5:00PM

Registration: Online registration is required. Click here.

Fees: Free for Monte Jade and NATEA members; $10 for non members and all on-site registration.

Full Video of Interview:

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