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COVID-19: Opportunities In Crisis and Beyond

The COVID-19 outbreak has created unprecedented times: a global pandemic that led to sheltering-in-place orders for one-third of the world’s population amid clear indications of significant public health and economic disasters. Significant uncertainties pose new challenges and anxiety for many people. What are some ways of navigating and coping effectively with the current crisis, both personally and professionally?

Alumni and current year participants of the MJAA-West Mentoring Program are invited to a Zoom webinar hosted by chairman David Jeng, who will moderate a panel of MJAA executive mentors on how to cope, adapt and seize opportunities during crisis.

Panelists include:

Robert Fan, President, Silicon Motion Inc. USA Denise Peck, Executive Advisor, Ascend Faye Sahai, Partner, and Co-Founder, Mirai.Global David Jeng, EVP & GM Wintec Industries / Chairman - Monte Jade

(ad blockers must be disabled to watch)

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