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Board to Board Interview with Jesse Shiah

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Jesse Shiah (夏鵬飛)

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of AgilePoint;

NATEA Silicon Valley, President (2019) and Vice President (2018)

Monte Jade is excited to interview our alliance - NATEA's President (2019) and Vice President (2018), Jesse Shiah (夏鵬飛).

Monte Jade's Board to Board Interview Series is designed to create a personal connection between our community and great leaders. The interview focuses on bringing color to the journey of leaders so we can understand the challenges that they also faced as they advanced in their careers. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Speaker bio:

My passion is to change the world, and I’ve been pursuing that passion since I founded AgilePoint, a global, Silicon Valley-based company that delivers disruptive no-code/low-code innovation to democratize software application development. The advancement aims to empower subject matter experts, enable cross-discipline innovation, and accelerate digital transformation. Moreover, my aspiration extends to bridging the digital divide and promoting more equal distribution of opportunities in the digital era.

At AgilePoint, I have been blessed to be surrounded by a team of driven people who strive to incorporate the principles of relentless innovation for the benefit of our customers so that organizations of any size can attain and sustain operational success in the digital business era. Our innovation enables the ability to automate anything that can be automated and respond to changes quickly through democratized application development and innovation.

The dotcom boom sparked the first wave of digitization for business. Its subsequent bust taught the business world that traditional development methods cannot enable digitalization at scale and deliver business agility. The dotcom bust spawned the birth of AgilePoint.

Before AgilePoint, I was part of the initial team of the startup, DataViews, who pioneered the visual-based real-time decision support system. As VP of Product Marketing and International Operations, I helped architect its acquisition by GE. Before founding AgilePoint, I joined another startup, Uniscape, as the VP of Strategic Solutions. I launched a new product positioning and secured the funding from Sequoia Capital.

Currently, I and our team at AgilePoint are continuing to push the envelope of no-code/low-code innovation into uncharted territories such as Blockchain and AIoT.

Full Video of Interview (Youtube)

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