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5/22 - Alumni Connect: Women Leadership Panel

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Written by Gloria Tang

MJAA's first Women leadership Panel on May 22, 2021, has achieved great success. The idea of this event sprung from a light-hearted conversation between Denise and me during a social outing at a Napa vineyard. Yet, an all-women leadership panel has answered the calls of the Asian women professionals in the MJAA community. They have been longing to meet with Asian women role models in professional career.

This conference connected high caliber, successful, and influential Asian women leaders in the technology industry with the audience. It was an honor to have Li Fan, Yanbing Li, and KC Wu for the morning. Li is the former CTO of Lime, former SVP of engineering at Pinterest, and she is also 2018 Forbes' America's Top 50 Women In Tech. Yanbing is the VP of Engineering at Google. She is a global high technology executive with extensive leadership experience in general management and engineering in the United States and China. KC Wu is the former SVP of operations at Cisco. Today, KC is also one of the respected women executive mentors for the MJAA community.

An excellent planning team is vital for creating a great event. I like to thank a group of great women leaders who contributed unconditionally to orchestrate this impactful panel. It has been a great pleasure to work with Carol Carpenter, VP of marketing at VM Ware; Denise Peck, a dedicated women executive mentor for MJAA, advisor at Ascend, and former VP of marketing at Cisco; Rebecca Liao, CPA, VP of Controller at JP Morgan Chase, WePay.

Last but not least, many thanks to our volunteers, Christal Tossany, Senior product manager at Albertsons Companies; Jing Zhu, Software Development Manager at Amazon Lab 126; and Dorene Seah, Senior Program Manager, Google Cloud.


Our speakers:

  • Carol Carpenter, Chief Marketing Officer, VMWare

  • Denise Peck, MJAA Mentor; Exec. Advisor, Ascend; Former VP of Marketing, Cisco


  • Yanbing Li, VP of Engineering, Google

  • Li Fan, Ex-CTO, Lime; Ex-SVP, Pinterest

  • KC Wu, MJAA Mentor; Ex-SVP of Operation, Cisco


  • Rebecca Liao, CPA, VP Controller, JP Morgan Chase WePay


Welcome speech

Keynote speech

Panel 1 - Asian female Breaks the Bamboo Ceiling in the Western Corporate Culture

Breakout session

Panel 2 - How Asian female creates the power of influence: Building relationship as the first step


Speaker bios:

Carol Carpenter

Carol is a geek with a passion for technology and solving customer problems. Before joining VMWare, Carol was the SVP of Product Marketing for Google Cloud and prior to that, she was the CEO for TrendMicro.

Denise Peck

After an extensive career in tech, I now parlay my deep and diverse business experience, marketing, and leadership skills to consult for established companies, startups, and nonprofits.

Yanbing Li

Yanbing Li is a globally-minded high-tech executive with extensive leadership experience in general management and engineering in the United States and China. She has served as a member of NeoPhotonics's board of directors since July 2019. Dr. Li is currently Vice President of Engineering at Google Cloud.

Li Fan

Li Fan was the ex-CTO of Lime. She was named as one of the most important engineers in the world by Business Insider and one of the most creative people by Fast Company and the 2018 Forbes' America's Top 50 Women In Tech. Prior to that, Li was the ex-SVP of Pinterest, where she led a team of 400 engineers and developed their discovery engine.


KC Wu was the ex-SVP of Cisco Operations. After her retirement, she has been an active mentor at Monte Jade Executive Mentorship Program. Kin-Ching (KC), focuses on mentoring to help break the glass and bamboo ceiling.

Rebecca Liao

Rebecca has been managing finance and accounting at a variety of companies large and small, most recently with Credit Karma and now with Wepay. Rebecca has worked in a broad range of industries including banking, software, SAAS, digital advertising, internet merchandising, retail, cleantech, and semiconductor.

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