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Board Members

Monte Jade is a non-profit organization led by a volunteer board.

The board provides guidance on the direction, objectives and activities that Monte Jade pursues. 

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Monte Jade West was founded at the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship. As technology advancements take us into new industries, we find ourselves creating opportunities to foster debate and discussion.  That is why we are building a community to bring great people together to share, celebrate, and support one another.

謝忠高 (Peter Hsieh),
2021 Chairman

General Partner
Acorn Pacific Ventures (2).jpg

楊子彬 (Tze Yeoh)

Vice Chair (6).jpg

黃安利 (Annie Tsai)

Board Member (3).jpg

李喬琚 (Maggie Li)

Board Member (5).jpg

方柏杰 (Benny Poon)

Board Member (13).jpg

曾雅君 (Nana Tseng)

Board Member (7).jpg

吳文燦 (Stewart Wu)

Board Member (11).jpg

戴元瑋 (William Tai)

Board Member (5).jpg

范承華 (Robert Fan)

Board Member (12).jpg

林子傑 (TJ Lin)

Board Member (4).jpg

劉文芳 (Wen-Fang Liu)

Board Member

鄭詠升 (David Jeng)

Secretary General (15).jpg

章均寧 (Emil Chang)

Legal Consultant (16).jpg

張延珍 (Jane Y. Chang)

Accounting & Tax Consultant (17).jpg

謝含欣 (Helen Hsieh)

Administrative Assitant (9).jpg

談景佩 (Marilyn Tan)

Board Member

Board Member

Gloria Tang.jpg

Board Member

Roger Liang.jpg

Board Member

Steve Hsia.jpg
Ryan Yee.jpg

Board Member

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