“This workshop changed my mindset about leadership, what is required for being a leader, and how to pursue a position as a leader. After about 1 year of learning with excellent mentors and mentees, I successfully moved from IC to a manager position. I truly appreciate the help that I got from this mentorship program."

Dongbo li / 2018 Mentee, Larry Chang's Family / Engineering Manager, Amazon

"It is a great program, I wish more people can learn about it."

Sha Tao / 2018 Mentee, Denise Peck's Family / Sr. Supply Chain Manager, Pure Storage

"The last event during dinner, a conversation with Ron has really pushed me to rethink some professional goals."

Bernard Ng /2018 Mentee, David Jeng's Family / Sr. Technical Program Manager, Uber

"Changed my mindset and act more proactively in a proper way"

Jie Dong / 2018 Mentee, Larry Chang's Family / CFA, CAIA, Focal Point Capital Management, LLC 

"I must say, I'm a new person now, and it only takes 9 months.  I could not have done all this without my mentor family and MJAA.  I am forever grateful for this experience and the power of mentorship.  Thank you!"

Teresa Fung / 2018 Mentee, David Jeng's Family / Software Engineering Manager, Amazon

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