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April 27, 2023, Thursday at 6:00-7:30PM Pacific Time

April 28, 2023, Friday at 9:00-10:30AM Singapore Time

Hosts: Monte Jade West and Singapore Global Network (SGN)


About this event

As both U.S. and China struggle with its economy, the GDP growth of many Southeast Asian countries is amongst the fastest in the world. Global corporations are shifting their supply chains away from China to Southeast Asia. A large population of 655 million people that is increasingly growing is rapidly joining the internet. With over 450 million young internet users, and 85% of them have shopped online, Southeast Asia has become a playground for entrepreneurs and investors.


In our webinar, we speak with four proven serial entrepreneurs that have succeeded in building their innovative startups while navigating through highly diverse and challenged markets. We shall cover the following:


  • Southeast Asia has many startups but few proven, sizable, and regionally successful technology companies like Grab, Shopee, Lazada, and ToGo. Why is this? What does it take to grow a regional technology powerhouse?

  • In Web 1.0 and 2.0, China's technology companies adopted the "copy & innovate" from the West model. Today, their innovations have surpassed their Silicon Valley counterparts. Southeast Asia is still not known for technological innovation. What's your view on this issue?

  • The biggest challenge for any technology company is the talent shortage and the rapidly rising salary. How do you deal with that?

  • What significant challenges and opportunities did you experience building a regional technology powerhouse? Is your product easily adaptable in various Southeast Asian markets, or have you had to localize your products massively?

  • Based on your observations, how is building a tech startup in Southeast Asia different from the U.S.? How can U.S. technology professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors participate in your exciting ventures?


Monte Jade West and SGN cordially invite you to join us in this upcoming webinar where our panel of unicorn builders would share their insights on these exciting topics.


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  • Joel Neoh, Founder & Former CEO of FAVE, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Malaysia

  • Junxu Lye, Founder & CEO of ACME Tech, Singapore

  • Vu Van, Co-Founder & CEO of ELSA, Vietnam

  • Dayu Dara Permata, Founder & CEO of PinHome, Indonesia


  • Steve Hsia, Board Member, Monte Jade West
    Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Playnovate, Inc.
    Board Member of Baozun, Inc. (China)
    Board Member of Wearnes-Starchase Group (Singapore)
    Board Member of Kairous Acquisition Corp. (U.S.A.)
    Former Board Member of Malaysia Digital Economy Corp. (Malaysia)


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