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Post Epidemic Era, Information Security Management Protection is between Two Fires

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Post Epidemic Era, Information Security Management Protection is between Two Fires (後疫情時代 – 腹背受敵的資訊安全管理與防護)

Host: Monte Jade Taiwan Location: Online PST Time: 9:00-10:00PM, Thursday, Aug 27, 2020 (Taiwan Time: 12:00-1:00PM, Friday Aug 28, 2020) Moderator: Maverick Shih (施宣輝), Member, Board of Directors, Acer Inc. Speaker: CY Huang (黃瓊瑩), Technology Vice President, Acer Cyber Security Inc. Google form registration is required (click here). Zoom links for this session (session 2) will be sent via email prior to the event to everyone that registers via Google form. In the post-pandemic era of COVID-19, remote working has become a necessary security mechanism for global enterprises in response to the pandemic. Companies have begun to use communication software and cloud collaboration applications to maintain their company's operations. Although this change seems to be safe and convenient, the information security risks the companies need to bear are relatively high. It is not easy for companies to avoid danger and seek peace with the potential information security impact caused by the pandemic. In view of this, Monte Jade Taiwan is honored to invite CY Huang to this online seminar. He is the Vice President of Acer Cyber Security, Inc. He has been in the field of information security for many years. He will share with us the necessity of information security protection and how companies can set up information security countermeasures. He will help us understand better by case study. COVID–19的後疫情時代,遠距辦公已成為全球企業因應疫情必備的安全機制。企業已開始大量透過通訊軟體,及雲端協作應用方式,來維持公司的營運,雖然看似安全且便利,但需承擔的資訊安全風險也相對提高,想要這波疫情所引發的潛在資訊安全衝擊中避險求安,並不是一件簡單的事。 有鑑於此,本次線上研討會特別邀請在資訊安全領域深耕多年的安碁資訊黃瓊瑩技術副總與大家分享探討資安防護的必要性,以及企業如何制訂一套資安應變對策,再透過實際案例分享,讓大家能更深入其境。

Speaker bio:

Maverick Shih (施宣輝), Member, Board of Directors, Acer Inc. Maverick Shih has served on the Board of Directors at Acer since August 2019, with specialties in cloud services, technology applications, and system integration. He also serves as the Chairman for Acer Cyber Security and Acer Synergy Tech. With a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Shih joined ALi Microelectronics Corp. in the U.S. as an engineer specializing in IC design and multimedia audio/video signal processing technology. In 2004, he was a lecturer in mathematics at Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan before founding his own startup, MAVs Lab Inc., in 2005 for the research and development of IC design and imaging analysis. In 2008, Shih joined Aegis focusing on software design for tablets. When Acer merged with iGware in 2011, Shih joined Acer as Special Assistant to the President of Cloud Technology Business, to help oversee personal cloud services and laying the foundation for Acer’s cloud service development. The cloud business later became the BYOC (Build Your Own Cloud) Business in 2014 and Shih was promoted as the president, supporting the overall transformation of Acer. Born in 1973, Shih holds a B.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics at Fu Jen Catholic University, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

CY Huang (黃瓊瑩), Technology Vice President, Acer Cyber Security Inc.

  • Tech. VP of Acer Cyber Security Inc.

  • More than 25 years IT Security Experiences

  • Certification


  • Award

Asia Pacific Information Security Leadership Award,(ISC)2, 2011

  • Education Background

-MSc in Information System Engineering, UMIST, Manchester, UK -Master of Business Administration, EMBA, National Taiwan University

  • Experiences

-B1 SV/MLS Secure Unix Tech. Transfer, AT&T Bell Lab, NC, USA -National Security Operation Center CTO, Taiwan -Member of Network Security Committee, Taiwan Network Information Center Technician as Assistant Professor, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

  • Expertise

-Build, Operation & Management of Security Operation Center (SOC) -Digital Forensics, Computer Emergency Response, Incident Handling -In charge of majority Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Projects Taiwan -Lead incident handling of important & major IT security incidents in hi-tech, Financial and government sectors -Regular publish Cryptography, malware analysis, security best practices research papers -More than 10 patents owners of Taiwan, U.S. and China

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