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Accelerating the Future – Bioscience & Technology Forum

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The intersection of Biosciences and Technology is a rapidly developing field with many opportunities and obstacles to success. We were joined by Celestine Schnugg is founder and General Partner of Boom Capital, an early stage fund for deeply technical, under networked founders building companies of consequence. Investment themes include computational health, synthetics (sensors, synthetic intelligence, simulators, mixed reality), machine intelligence, serverless computing / containers, autonomous, aerospace, computational genetics, synthetic biology, and life extension. Prior to Boom, she was an Innovation Partner at Eric Schmidt & Dror Berman's VC firm, Innovation Endeavors. Celestine received the Top 100 Most Innovative People award in 2015. Notable invests include Mammoth Biosciences ($68M+ raised), Swarm Technologies($80M+ raised), System1 Biosciences($25M+ raised), A-Alpha Bio($4M+ raised), and FaunaBio($4M+ raised).

Dr. Peter (Peizhi) Luo, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Adagene, is an experienced entrepreneur passionate on devising a sustainable biotechnology business strategy by leveraging the industry’s most advanced technology and intellectual property for novel product development. Dr. Luo has focused on studying the fundamental mechanisms of protein folding and design principle, and particularly by computational and experimental approaches for the last 20 years.

Prior to founding Adagene, Dr. Luo was the Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer, President and Director of Abmaxis Inc, which was acquired by Merck & Co. in 2006. Dr. Luo then served as Director of Biologics Technology at Merck. Prior to Abmaxis, Dr. Luo served as the first lead scientist in computational protein design and protein laboratory at Xencor.

Dr. Luo completed his postdoctoral research in protein folding with Dr. Robert L. Baldwin at Stanford University. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry under the guidance of Dr. David G. Lynn at The University of Chicago, M.S. degree in applied physics from The Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and B.S. degree in applied chemistry from Peking University.

Tiffany Kuo drives and defines product and commercialization strategies for biotech, medical devices, and digital health products. Currently, she is a Senior Manager driving product portfolio planning for Microsoft Healthcare. She also has experience commercializing diagnostics for low and middle-income countries with a global health organization PATH. Prior to PATH, she was a Life Sciences and Healthcare Manager at Deloitte where she consulted organizations on product, business, and launch priorities for innovative drugs, medical devices, and digital health / AI products. Her experiences also include shaping product /marketing strategies and running operations as a co-founder of a personalized medication YC-backed start-up, Multiply Labs. Tiffany holds an MBA from MIT Sloan and a Masters and Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rice University. In her spare time, she loves exploring and creating. Hiking, rock climbing, and traveling are her go-to activities during non-COVID times

Colleen Heisey has substantial experience with regulatory oversight and compliance assessment for due diligence audits of drug, medical device, and food companies, including those related to product safety, product labeling, product marketing and advertising, and consumer complaints. She regularly provides legal support for pharmaceutical and device advertising and promotional activities, sales and marketing, and development of practitioner-oriented and direct-to-consumer print and broadcast advertising. Colleen has conducted audits and inspections of pharmaceutical and medical device company policies, procedures, and programs, including drug sampling, adverse event reporting, medical information management, and unsolicited requests. She has advised clients regarding matters related to the False Claims Act and Anti-Kickback Statute, reviewed and commented on strength of clinical trial designs in drug and device development and as potential support of product marketing, and has assessed proposed brand names for drug products in development for potential claims and product confusion, including appraisal of drug name similarity reports by third-party vendors. She has worked with regulated industry to develop and implement comprehensive regulatory compliance programs.

This panel explored limitations to the current regulatory environment and new technologies that will change the development space. For the full video see the link below.

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