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10/15/2023 - Tien's Forum in Napa

The Monte Jade West Tien Forum event at ONEHOPE Winery in Napa, featuring Dr. T. J. Rodgers, Founder of Cypress Semiconductor, was an exceptional and exclusive day tailored for sponsors, current board members, and select active former board members.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, attendees enjoyed a seamless and memorable experience. Dr. Rodgers' keynote not only shared tech industry insights but also delved into his semiconductor research spirit, seamlessly connecting it with his personal journey into winemaking.

The tasting session, lunch, and vineyard tour provided engaging platforms for discussions, while the networking session allowed leaders, VIPs, and sponsors to connect. The return journey on the chartered bus marked the end of a successful day, leaving participants inspired by Dr. Rodgers' unique story and anticipating future Monte Jade events.

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