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In Memory of Mr. David Tsang

Updated: May 19, 2021

In Memory of Mr. David Tsang

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing away of our forever friend and leader in the community, Mr. David Tsang. David started in the high-tech industry in Silicon Valley in the ‘70s. Along the way, not only did he continue founding and investing in many great technology companies, but his great philanthropic heart also helped many Asian Americans here in North America, as well as underprivileged children back in Asia.

I first met David when I was a young special assistant to Dr. Ta-Lin Hsu at H&Q Asia Pacific between 1999 and 2000. I could not count how many breakfasts we spent together with David, Dr. Hsu, entrepreneurs, and industry heavyweights at Peppermill on De Anza Blvd in Cupertino. Though I was too young at the time, I could always remember his calmness, broad knowledge, positive attitude on all occasions.

As one of the founding members of Acorn Pacific Ventures, I had the privilege to interact with the great partners (David was one of them) of Acorn Campus. During everyone encounter, David was always very willing to share, encourage, and always offered to help. I also vividly remember doing elbow-bumps with him in the parking lot of The Sea by Alexander's Steakhouse during Covid a few months ago.

David has set a monumental example for us Asian Americans, either as first-generation immigrants, or who were born here. We at Monte Jade West miss his speeches, sharing, and kindness. May he Rest in Peace.

Peter Hsieh

General Partner, Acorn Pacific Ventures

Chairman, Monte Jade West Science and Technology Association

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