Aug 23 2014

24th Monte Jade Annual Conference- How Should We Then Grow?

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  • Event Date: Saturday, September 27, 2014
  • Time: VIP Lunch (invitation only)11:00am-1:00pm; Afternoon Program 1:20pm-4:30pm; Dinner Banquet 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Location: Michaels At Shoreline, 2960 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043
  • Registration: Online registration is required. (
  • Cost: General Public $150; Monte Jade Member $120. Seating is limited.
  • Speakers and Topics:

    Track 1. Top Tech Trends

    a. Mobile Health: Calling on Cell Technology for Better Chronic Care

    Abstract: Chronic conditions take up a staggering 75% of US health care spending; beyond the trillions of dollars in financial burden, the human costs are even more alarming. Effective management of chronic diseases rely on regular monitoring, yet many patients have only a few minutes with their clinicians and little access to actionable information. Mobile technology-based platforms and applications provide powerful tools to assist patients in managing their health care — not only at home, but almost anywhere outside the clinician’s office.

    Confirmed Speakers:
    -Dr. Connie Chen, Primary Care Physician, St. Anthony Medical Clinic
    -Stanley Yang, Founder and CEO of Neurosky
    -Dr. Ben C. Hwang, Chairman and CEO, PROFUSA Inc.


    b. Living Dry: Emerging Technology Trends in Water Purification and Reuse

    Abstract: According to the United Nations, “approximately 1.2 billion people live in areas of physical water scarcity. Another 1.6 billion people face economic water shortages (where countries lack the necessary infrastructure to take water from rivers and aquifers).” These grim conditions make fresh water management one of the most pressing social issues of the 21st century. This session will help participants understand the global context for freshwater scarcity and how emerging technology trends in treatment and reuse can be applied to meet those needs. Discussion topics will include factors driving technological development and market opportunities.

    Confirmed Speakers:
    -Michael Hawes, CEO of Liquidity
    -Pam John, Senior Engineer at the Santa Clara Valley Water District
    -Michael Flynn, Project Director, NASA Ames Research Center


    c. Software: The Future of Apps, Data & Cloud Services

    Abstract: Mobile, Cloud, and Big Data are transforming our lives and businesses. Enjoy an interactive session with industry leaders on their views of key success factors in building enterprise products and services, SAAS vs perpetual business models, what make attractive M&A targets, and what are some upcoming disruptions.

    Confirmed Speakers:
    -Mark Rosenberg, Sr. Director Product Management, Oracle
    -Jimmy Chow, Head of Global System Integrator Partnerships, Google Cloud Platform
    -Yael Zheng, CMO, Tintri; ex-VP Marketing, VMware


    d. Hardware Die Hard

    Abstract: Consumer hardware has dramatically evolved in the last decade with the advent of crowd-sourcing platforms allowing for quick validations of product-market-fit. We will dive into some of the enablers, influencers, and players that will bring about a new evolution of hardware.

    Confirmed Speakers:
    -Tobin Richardson, CEO & President of Zigbee Alliance
    -Ben Bateman, Associate Director, Design & Technology Categories, Indiegogo



    Track 2. Venture Beats


    Track 3. Cross-Pacifc Dynamics
    (The Development Status, Initiatives, Trends, and Opportunities in Asia and Cross-Pacific Activities)

    Confirmed Panelists:
    -Lucas Chang (Moderator), Partner, Morgan Lewis
    -Charles Law, King & Wood Mallesons
    -Robert Chen, President and CEO Aessense Corporation (also formerly Founder, President, CEO and Chairman of RAE Systems) 


    Evening Keynote:
    Ro Khanna

  • Entertainment: Major D

  • Contact: or (408)428-0388

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    Apr 24 2014

    Monte Jade Forum (May. 2014): Future of Lighting

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    • Event Date: Thursday, May 29, 2014
    • Time: 5:30PM-9:30PM
    • Location: Cooley LLP, 3175 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304
    • Sponsor: Cooley LLP
    • Speaker: Dr. Michael Siminovitch, Director of the California Lighting Technology Center, Associate Director of the Energy Efficiency Center, Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency, and Professor in the Department of Design at UC Davis
      Topic: Choosing the Right Light
    • Panel Discussion:
      Topic: Paths to Achieving Global Energy Savings with LEDs
      Moderator: Reuben Chen, Partner, Cooley LLP
      -Dr. Michael Siminovitch
      -David Thayer, Sr. Product Manager, Lighting for PG&E
      -David Chen, CEO and Co-founder of Jade Sky Technologies, Inc.
      -Dr. Robert Holman, Technical Director of Commercial Lighting for 
    • Contact Info:
    • Register: Link to Registration Page
    • Please register in advance and pay on site
    • Member & CLTC, Cooley, PG&E associates  & Student $10 (Please check as current member when registering online); Non-Member$20, extra $5 for site registration
    • Light refreshments will be provided. Networking and demos of great LED lighting products.


    As the world phases out inefficient lights, we are presented with an exciting opportunity to reduce energy use while also improving the quality of our lives. LED lighting can help minimize our impact on the environment while improving our comfort and well-being. Come spend an evening with LED industry experts, and see what the future of LED lighting has to offer in terms of energy savings in your own home and workplace as well as around the globe.


    Learn how LED technology differs from CFL or traditional incandescent technologies. Interact with hands-on demonstrations, and learn the five things to look for to find the right LED lighting for your needs. Explore how lighting controls strategies can further reduce energy use.


    With LED lighting, consumers don’t have to sacrifice comfort or convenience to save energy, in part because LED lighting allows us to automate energy savings through smart lighting systems. Legislative support for more energy-efficient lighting has also given LED manufacturers and investors a rare opportunity to transform the way we light our homes, workplaces and recreational spaces. Our panelists will talk about how they are contributing to these paths toward global energy savings and other lighting developments that benefit us all.


    Don’t be left in the dark!



    Speakers and Moderator Bio:

    Dr. Michael Siminovitch

    Dr. Siminovitch, Director of the California Lighting Technology Center and Associate Director of the Energy Efficiency Center, Professor Michael Siminovitch is also the Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency and a professor in the Department of Design within the UC Davis College of Letters & Sciences. Dr. Siminovitch established the California Lighting Technology Center in 2003 to serve as a nexus for industry, utility and government efforts to accelerate the commercialization and development of energy-efficient residential and commercial lighting technologies.


    Dr. Siminovitch was part of the development team for California’s Strategic Lighting Plan and helped lead efforts to update the new Title 24 and Title 20 regulations for exterior lighting. He helped establish UC Davis’s Smart Lighting Initiative, one of the largest lighting retrofit projects in California, as a model strategy for the UC system and other entities.


    Dr. Siminovitch is a graduate of Carleton University, Faculty of Engineering. He received his Master’s Degrees in both Industrial Design and in Architecture from the University of Illinois, where he held the Plym fellowship and was awarded the Henry Adams Scholastic Gold Medal. He earned his doctorate degree in Architecture and Human Factors Engineering from the University of Michigan.


    Reuben Chen

    Mr. Reuben Chen, Partner at Cooley LLP. Mr. Reuben Chen’s practice focuses on technology and intellectual property litigation. Mr. Chen has assisted clients across a wide range of technologies, including biotechnology, cellular phones and mobile applications, chemistry, electronics, HDTV, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, Wavelength Selective Switches, and web-based technologies. Mr. Chen has successfully handled cases in popular patent litigation venues such as the Northern District of California, Central District of California, District of Delaware, Eastern District of Texas, and Eastern District of Virginia. Mr. Chen was selected in 2014 and 2013 as a Northern California Rising Star for Intellectual Property Litigation by Super Lawyers magazine and was named to the 2013 Lawyers of Color Hot List. Mr. Chen received his law degree from Stanford Law School.


    David Thayer

    David Thayer, Sr. Product Manager at Pacific Gas and Electric. Mr. Thayer specializes in helping PG&E customers choose affordable, energy-efficient lighting. Mr. Thayer has been lucky enough to work in energy efficiency and renewable energy for nearly 10 years. He has held product-focused roles at companies such as SunPower Corp. (acquired by Total S.A.) and EchoFirst Inc. (acquired by SunEdison). Mr. Thayer received his MBA from UC Davis where he was an Edison International Energy Efficiency Fellow working alongside the outstanding teams at the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center and California Lighting Technology Center.


    David Chen

    David Chen, CEO and Co-founder of Jade Sky Technologies, Inc. (JST), manufacturer of LED driver chips that enable unsurpassed dimming performance at excellent value. Focusing on a superior end-user experience, JST aims to drive the mass adoption of LED lighting.


    Mr. David Chen has 20 years of work experience in the Silicon Valley, having held senior management positions at both publicly traded and privately held companies such as Volterra (acquired by Maxim) and Akros. With a background in power system engineering and applications, Mr. Chen’s technical core and his extensive client-side experience allow him to focus on customers and deliver the solutions they want. Mr. Chen received both his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and is the author of two patents.


    Robert Holman

    Dr. Robert Holman, Technical Director of Commercial Lighting for Qualcomm. Dr. Holman has had over forty years of technological success in R,D&E organizations and entrepreneurial ventures — inventing, designing, developing, prototyping, and testing, innovatively optimized lighting products from conception through production. He’s specialized in the use of optical modeling and simulation to optimize product performance.


    At Qualcomm, Dr. Holman leads a commercial lighting program developing high-efficiency thin-profile LED lighting products for directional illumination and LCD backlighting. He’s also developed front lights for MEMS-based reflective displays.


    Dr. Holman was the founding executive of Digital Optics International LLC, a venture-funded product development company acquired by Qualcomm that was developing innovative LED lighting products. Dr. Holman also founded NiOptics Corporation, a venture-funded product development company acquired by 3M that was focused on nonimaging optics and high-efficiency LCD backlighting. Prior to that, Dr. Holman held senior technical and management positions with Allied-Signal, Battelle Memorial Institute and Xerox Corporation.


    Dr. Holman has received a Ph.D. from the University of California Berkeley in Materials Science and an MSEE from Stanford University. He’s contributed more than 100 publications and presentations and has received numerous patents on his work.


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    Mar 09 2014

    Monte Jade Tien’s Forum (Apr. 2014): My Life Journey as an Entrepreneur in Building up Companies in Silicon Valley for the Past 34 Years

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    • Event Date: Thursday, April 10, 2014
    • Time: 6:30PM-9:00PM
    • Speaker: Robert I. Chen (陳一之), Founder, President, CEO and Chairman of RAE Systems Inc.
    • Location: ITRI International, 2870 Zanker Rd., Suite 140, San Jose, CA95134
    • Contact Info:
    • Register: Link to Registration Page
    • Please register in advance and pay on site
    • Member & Student $10, Non-Member$20, extra $5 for site registration
    • Light dinner, soft drink and water provided


    Mr. Bob Chen will share his rich experiences as an entrepreneur building up companies in Silicon Valley. He personally lives through various surviving and growth stages in building up successful companies: Start up phase, Dealing with VCs, Acquisition by HP, IPO via Reverse Merger, formal secondary public equity offering to raise $40M in down market, partnering with PE firms to take the public company private, redirect the company’s focus on business fundamentals, after 18 months, select a perfect timing and carefully manage the bidding/ selling process to have the company acquired by Honeywell with great enterprise value.



    Speaker Bio:

    Robert I. Chen (陳一之)

    Robert (Bob) Chen co-founded RAE Systems in 1991 and served as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer from its inception until its acquisition by Honeywell in June 2013.


    Chen led the rapid growth of the Silicon Valley-based company, a global developer and manufacturer of rapidly-deployable, multi-sensor chemical and radiation detection monitors and networks, which surpassed $100 million in revenue by the end of 2011. Amongst other achievements, Chen successfully took the company public via a reverse merger in 2002 and led a secondary equity offering that raised $40 million cash for the business, enabling Chen to complete the company’s first acquisition in China. Within a few years after the September 11 attacks and subsequent passage of the US Homeland Security Act, RAE Systems had achieved a market cap close to $500 million and was honored as one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing companies, receiving the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award in 2006 and in 2007. After 10 years managing the company under US public company corporate governance requirements and becoming increasingly frustrated with the disproportional audit and compliance costs for smaller-sized companies, Chen worked with the RAE board to take the company private in 2011 via a merger with San Francisco-based private equity firm Vector Capital. As a private company, the company continued its double-digit organic YoY revenue growth and delivered strong EBITDA growth, reversing a negative trend.


    Prior to founding RAE Systems, Chen founded Applied Optoelectronic Technology, a manufacturer of computer-aided test systems. He served as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer from 1981 to 1991. In 1991, the company became a division within Hewlett Packard’s Instrumentation Organization after Chen sold the business to Hewlett Packard. Chen served as Division General Manager to manage the business integration for another 2 years until he left Hewlett Packard to pursue the business opportunity with RAE Systems.


    Prior to founding Applied Optoelectronic Technology, Chen held various engineering and management positions at General Motors, General Electric, Tektronix and Fairchild Semiconductor.


    Chen has founded and participated in various Silicon Valley business community activities. He recently served on the board of Monte Jade, a Silicon Valley High-Tech Professional Organization and continues to participate in its executive mentorship program to advise rising young professionals. He was one of the founding board members of AAMA (Asian American Manufacturers Association) and a former board member of CIE (Chinese Institute of Engineers). Chen also served as a member of the board of the Shanghai Ericsson Simtek Electronics Co., Ltd., a telecommunications and electronics company based in Shanghai. Chen received a B.S.E.E. from Taiwan National Cheng Kung University, an M.S.E.E. from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and an Advanced Engineering degree from Syracuse University. He also completed the Owner/President Management Program at the Harvard School of Business. He is married and has two children. He enjoys mentoring young professionals, photography and travelling.



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    Jan 12 2014

    Monte Jade Forum (Jan. 2014): Bitcoin and Taiwan

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    • Event Date: Wednesday, January 29, 2014
    • Time: 6:30PM-9:00PM
    • Location: ITRI International, 2870 Zanker Rd., Suite 140, San Jose, CA95134
    • Speaker: Alex Liu, co-founder and CEO of MaiCoin, a Taiwanese Bitcoin exchange site
    • Panel:
      Moderator: Peter Chu, Chairman of the Board, Monte Jade
      Alex Liu- co-founder and CEO of MaiCoin
      Danny Yang- 
      co-founder of MaiCoin
      Chihyu Wretch Chien- founder of the blogging site Wretch and Investor/ Bitcoin enthusiast
      Jackie Lee- developer and technologist
    • Contact Info:
    • Register: Link to Registration Page
    • Please register in advance and pay on site
    • Member & Student $10, Non-Member$20, extra $5 for site registration
    • Light dinner, soft drink and water provided


    Digital currencies such as Bitcoin have taken the world by storm, with an abrupt rise in price levels, as well as regulatory scrutiny, toward the end of 2013. What opportunities lie therein for Asia-based or Asia-focused businesses? From hardware for mining, to service platforms for exchanges, wallets, and merchant settlement, to insurance, securitization, and trusts, what is the limit to the imagination of entrepreneurs, the appetite of investors, and the forbearance of regulators? There is conceivably a whole new financial system arising that runs parallel to the current one, offering more choices for both consumers and merchants, but challenging aspects of the status quo as well.


    How does the situation on the ground in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore differ from Mainland China and the United States? Which nations/territories have the most to gain and which have the most to lose? Can we predict regulatory and business outcomes based on this game theoretic approach? Or will grass roots movements amongst consumers, merchants, and investors ultimately carry the day? In other words, will digital currencies ever become fully regulated as part of the financial mainstream, or will they forever remain in the domain of the informal, barter economy? 2014 will be the deciding year for that question.


    Speaker Bio:

    Alex Liu

    Alex Liu is the co-founder and CEO of MaiCoin, a digital currency services company focused on serving Asia, with Taiwan as its initial market. He was previously Director of Marketing for Qualcomm, having been based in Shanghai for four years. Prior to that, he spent two years in Korea, including one year as a marketing manager with Samsung Electronics. He started his career as a technical marketing manager with Atheros Communications, and initiated its partnerships with UTStarcom and Qualcomm, paving the way for a successful IPO in 2004 and acquisition in 2011, respectively. He holds BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University.


    Chihyu Wretch Chien

    In 2005, Chihyu “Wretch” Chien created, the first blogging website in Taiwan. He built and led a 40-person team serving 8 million users and 6 billion page-views per month before selling the company to Yahoo! in 2007. Wretch is currently an MBA candidate at Stanford GSB. To supplement his coursework, He spent last summer with AME Cloud Ventures in Palo Alto, California working on its investment projects and portfolio companies. Wretch’s ultimate aspirations are to help entrepreneurs in Taiwan succeed globally and to establish Taiwan as one of the world’s foremost leaders in entrepreneurship and innovation. Wretch is a Bitcoin investor and a Bitcoin fan.


    Jackie Lee

    Jackie Lee, Ph.D. Software Engineer at Intel. Jackie is a tech early adopter, quantified self-er, and maker. He got his Ph.D from MIT Media Laboratory. He has a mixed background of engineering and design. Before attending MIT, he studied architecture and computer aided design at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. He founded, a student-initiated innovation workshop for bringing new technologies to traditional nightmarkets. Jackie is also a Bitcoin fan who interested in how de-centralized cryptocurrency could become a platform for future marketplace technologies.


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    Nov 03 2013

    Monte Jade Tien’s Forum (Dec. 2013): Startup to IPO - a path of learning

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    Ted Ho

    • Event Date: Thursday, December 5, 2013
    • Time: 6:30PM-9:00PM
    • Speaker: Ted Ho, Managing Partner/Co-founder, Gigamon Systems
    • Location: ITRI International, 2870 Zanker Rd., Suite 140, San Jose, CA95134
    • Contact Info:
    • Register: Link to Registration Page
    • Please register in advance and pay on site
    • Member & Student $10, Non-Member$20, extra $5 for site registration
    • Light dinner, soft drink and water provided


    What and how much you can learn in 9 years? - a lot, especially when you started building a startup from ground-up in a brand new market and transformed it into a billion dollars public company and a leader in the defined market.


    Speaker Bio:

    Ted Ho

    Ted Ho is the CEO of Gigamon Systems for six years (2007 –2012). In 2004, he and his partners, Patrick Leong, King Won and Thomas Cheung, co-found Gigamon Systems based in Milpitas, CA.  In June 2013, Gigamon went public. Currently, Ted Ho serves as Advisor at the company.

    During Giagmon’s first two years of bootstrapping, the company relies on founders’ funding to develop data monitoring device for high-speed corporate data network. Self-funding forced them to focus on technology to build a more price competitive and flexible product, which laid a foundation for the company to grow 60% each year in five years. After their product gained the proof of market, they started to accept VC’s funding for faster expansion. In February 2010, Gigamon accepted a 22.8 million investment from Highland Capital Partners of Lexington, MA. With this funding, Gigaman tripled its staff to nearly 100 people and hired more people in sales and business development. So far, Gigaman is the market leader in network access switch market without direct competitors. Indirect competitors, such as Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks still compete each other with speed performance; however, Gigamon’s intelligent switches can be plugged in current corporate high-speed network monitoring data without slowing down the speed and allow administrators to select which kind of data they need, such as audio only, or html only, etc.



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