Dec 10 2015

Monte Jade Forum (Jan. 2016): Past, Present, and Forever… Making the Most of the Aging Journey

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  • Event Date: Sunday, January 10, 2016
  • Time: 1:00PM-5:00PM
  • Location: Cupertino City Community Hall, 10350 Torre Ave, Cupertino, CA 95054
  • Co-organizers: Monte Jade West, Benefit Tomorrow
  • Moderator: Chu Chang (張楚瓌), Board Member, Monte Jade West
  • Speakers:
    Dr. Peter H. Cheng (鄭鴻杰), Geriatric Medicine Physician, the Guzik Center for Geriatrics and Palliative Care at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF)
    Dr. Grace Nadolny, Geriatric Psychiatry, El Camino Hospital
    Ms. Di Hsu (俆廸), Senior Speech Pathologist, Kaiser Permanente Post Acute Care Rehabilitation Center
    Ms. Annie Tsai (黃安利), Board member, Benefit Tomorrow
  • Registration: Please register in advance. Click here. Free.
  • Contact Info:
  • Snacks and drinks will be provided.


As we and our loved ones advance in age, we face many challenges in managing the care and quality of life during these important and potentially prolonged years. This forum gathers medical experts and community resources to share insights. Our goal is to raise awareness and to promote practical knowledge about mental, physical, and social wellbeing. We hope to encourage preventive actions in sustaining good health and security in these golden years.


Speaker Bio:

Peter H. Cheng (鄭鴻杰)

Dr. Peter Cheng is a Geriatric Medicine physician from The Guzik Center for Geriatrics and Palliative Care at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF).

Through his career as an aging specialist, Peter has cared for his patients in a variety of clinical settings, from the acute hospital to the office, patients’ homes, assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, and the inpatient hospice.

An honors graduate of Harvard University, Peter received his medical training at Baylor and Johns Hopkins. He has also served on the medical school faculty of Stanford and Johns Hopkins, where he was an elected faculty finalist for its Humanism in Medicine Award.

Peter is the co-founder of both the PAMF Successful Aging Shared Medical Appointments, as well as the “Successful Aging Celebrations”, an annual summer community outreach event on the PAMF campuses. He is the Principal Investigator of “Fostering Successful Aging”, a patient engagement initiative that has received two national awards from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). From 2009-2014, he served as a volunteer board member of Avenidas, a Palo Alto, CA based not-for-profit senior services organization. Aging Well, a national publication for geriatrics professionals, selected Peter as one of its five national “Noteworthy Geriatricians” for 2013.

Peter is also an enthusiastic violinist who performs with the World Doctors Orchestra. He sees himself as a “small town doc” who can’t wait to get to work every day.


Grace Nadolny

Dr. Grace Nadolny is Medical Director of Geriatric Psychiatry at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View and Los Gatos, California.
Grace earned her BS in Pharmacy from the University of Cincinnati, and her medical degree from The Ohio State University’s College of Medicine, then trained in Psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. She completed Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowships at the University of Cincinnati and at Case Western Reserve University, where she focused her work on the Dementias.

Subsequently she served as Medical Director of the Cleveland Alzheimer’s Center Satellite for Drug Studies and as academic faculty within the Departments of Neurology, Geriatric Medicine and Psychiatry at Case Western University (where she started programs at Affiliate Hospitals and trained Geriatric Medicine Fellows). She then started and directed geriatric programs and inpatient units with clinical and educational arms in 5 states including Georgia, Nebraska (as faculty at Creighton University and the University of Nebraska), and Colorado (as faculty at University of Colorado).

Most recently she served as clinical faculty at Valley Family Practice Residency (UC Davis affiliate) and served as Chair of Behavioral Health at Sutter Gould Medical Foundation, organizing psychiatry services and running a Geriatric Psychiatry service and consulting to the Ambulatory Intensive Outpatient Unit. Currently, as Medical Director of Geriatric Psychiatry at El Camino Hospital, she is building onto an intensive outpatient psychiatric program OATS (at both Mountain View and Los Gatos sites ) and participating in a patient-centered Medical Home to build systems to maintain moderately to severely depressed patients in the community with a goal of optimized functioning.


Di Hsu (俆廸)

Ms. Di Hsu is a senior speech pathologist and a frequent speaker on health topics to the Chinese communities both local and abroad. She currently practices at Kaiser Permanente Emergency and Rehabilitation Center. She also instructs graduate students in speech pathology clinical rehabilitation in the California State University system.

Ms. Hsu is board certified in speech language pathology and hearing rehabilitation therapy, with a specialty in multi-lingual speech rehabilitation. She received her clinical training within the California State University system and has been helping patients in rehabilitation therapy programs at numerous institutions including Stanford Medical Center and Enloe Rehabilitation Center.


Annie Tsai (黃安利)

Annie Tsai is a board member of Benefit Tomorrow and Sr. Advisor at Hanhai Studio. Annie has also served as the Fund Manager at Green Tree Capital Management , LLC. From 2011 to 2015, Annie has held several leadership positions including: Vice President of the Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce-Northern California (2011-2013), President of the Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce-Northern California (2014), Advisor at the Taiwanese American Chambers of Commerce-North America(2015), Board of Directors of the World Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (2015) and President of the Providence University Alumni Association (2015). In 2013, Annie received the President’s Volunteer Service Award by President Obama. Annie received a Bachelor of Science-Business degree from Providence University and a Master of Science-Business degree from Mississippi University for Women.



1:00PM Door opens

1:30PM Introduction
-Ms. Chu Chang, Board Member, Monte Jade

1:35PM Roadmap for successful aging
-Dr. Peter Cheng, Geriatric Medicine, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

2:00PM Bumps along the road and tool kit to help –
Physical / sensory, emotional / cognitive, cultural / environmental
-Ms. Di Hsu, Speech and Language Pathology, Kaiser Permanente
-Dr. Grace Nadolny, Geriatric Psychiatry, El Camino Hospital

3:15PM Q&A

3:30PM Break

3:45M Bumps and tools continued -
Financial planning
-Ms. Annie Tsai, Board Member, Benefit Tomorrow

4:15PM Q&A (full panel)

4:30PM Closing remarks

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Dec 03 2015

Special Event: PI xTaipei Demo Day (第一屆台灣和矽谷新創公司實況連線Demo Day)

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  • Organizers: 美西玉山科技協會 (Monte Jade West), 矽谷美華科技商會(SVCACA)
  • Co-organizer: 華美半導體協會, 北美洲台灣商會聯合總會, 北加州台灣工商會等數大商會, 北美台灣工程師協會, 矽谷台美產業科技協會, CBA
  • Sponsor: 台灣創新創業中心 (TIECTW)
  • Adviser: 舊金山科技組 (Science and Technology Division, TECO-SF)
  • Execution by: COINX Ventures and Accelerator
  • Co-organizer (Taiwan): 台灣玉山科技協會, 數位時代, AlumVest
  • Venue and Facility Sponsor (Taiwan): 數位時代


(Silicon Valley Venue) 

  • Event Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2015  
  • Time: 6:00PM-8:30PM
  • Location: 500 Yosemite Dr, Milpitas, CA
  • Registration: Please register in advance. Click here for Silicon Valley Venue. (Already Sold Out; No Walk in)
  • Light dinner, soft drink and water provided
  • Contact Info: Alisha Yuhanna (pr at; Helen Hsieh (helenhsieh0227 at

(Taiwan Venue) 

  • Event Date:  Thursday, December 10, 2015
  • Time: 10:30AM-1:00PM
  • Location: 台北市大安區光復南路102號3樓 (《國父紀念館站》5號出口,沿光復南路步行約5分鐘)
  • Registration: Click here for Taiwan Venue. Free.


有鑑於亞洲其他各區域在矽谷舉辦其新創公司的DEMO DAY活動都極具規模,台灣卻在矽谷遲遲未有此方面的新創募資平台,因此美西玉山科技協會(Monte Jade West),美國 COINX加速器,矽谷美華科技商會,及台灣創新創業中心(TIECTW)共同發起,並邀請矽谷其他台灣相關商會協辦之第一屆矽谷-台灣DEMO DAY將於十二月九號6:30PM 至 9:00PM隆重舉行, 希望能建立一個常態性的台灣DEMO DAY,以增加台灣相關團隊至矽谷募資及找尋策略合作夥伴的機會。

本活動由美西玉山科技協會、矽谷美華科技商會主辦,COINX策畫執行, 並敬邀各商會先進共同協辦,包括華美半導體協會,北加州台灣工商會等數大商會,以及台灣創新創業中心(TIECTW)贊助。台灣的主辦及協辦單位則包括台灣玉山科技協會, 數位時代、AlumVest等單位。並感謝數位時代提供台灣區場地及連線設備。






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Nov 23 2015

Monte Jade Tien’s Forum (Dec. 2015): Never Never Give Up…

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  • Event Date: Thursday, December 3, 2015
  • Time: 6:30PM-9:00PM
  • Sponsors: Benefit TomorrowMandarin Business Association
  • Speakers:
    Laure Wang (王樂怡) , Co-Founder and Senior Advisor of Asia Alternatives
    Yvonne Mei (梅毅端), Senior vice Chair of financial advisor and insurance company WFG, a subsidiary of Aegon.
  • Special Guest: Paul Wang (王伯元), Chairman of Monte Jade Taiwan; Founder of Pacific Venture Partners
  • Location: ITRI International, 2870 Zanker Rd., Suite 140, San Jose, CA95134
  • Contact Info:
  • Register: Please register in advance. Click here. Free. (Seating is limited; already full)
  • Light dinner, soft drink and water provided


Laure got stroke on 2010 and lost her mobility, and she can’t speak, Laure has a new book announced on Oct, 2015. Yvonne got stroke on August 2015, she struggles to recover from Stroke and just open another branch office in Cupertino. Both Laure and Yvonne will share their story and how they fight to recover from stroke and never give up.


Speaker Bio:

Laure Wang

Laure L. Wang is a Co-Founder and Senior Advisor of Asia Alternatives. Prior to joining Asia Alternatives, Ms. Wang was a General Partner of Pacific Venture Partners (”PVP”). She co-headed the China and US operations and was one of five members on its investment committee. PVP is a pan-Asian venture capital firm with over US$800 million under management. Previously, Ms. Wang also worked at Goldman Sachs & Co. (Hong Kong, San Francisco and New York) and Warburg Pincus (Hong Kong).

Ms. Wang received an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and International Relations with honors from Stanford University. Ms. Wang is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English and has working knowledge of Japanese and French.


Yvonne Mei

Yvonne is the Senior Vice Chairman of a financial services organization which wholly owned as a subsidiary of AEGON, Yvonne and her team received > $12M commission paid in 2014 and continue growing with double digit percentage.

Yvonne received many awards from varies organization, most significant awards including the Global leadership awards from International leadership foundation, the 2015 Stevies Award for three categories (1) Mentor or Coach of the year –Business (2) Female Executive of the year -Consumer Services (3) Women Helping Women –Business. Yvonne is co-founder of Benefit Tomorrow, a Charity organization focus on the better society, Yvonne is board member of ILF which focus on the training for the next generation leadership, Yvonne is also the Vise President of MBA – Mandarin Business Association which promote the business opportunity and the cooperation between Taiwan/China to US.

Yvonne got a stroke in early August 2015 when she was doing a presentation in a seminar, she then stayed in ICU for 3 days and then transferred to hospital and then moved to the rehab center, her left side of body was paralyzed.

Yvonne will share her struggle and how she get back to her life, Yvonne has since recovered part of the mobility on her left side of body and engaging back to her business.


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Oct 14 2015

Monte Jade Tien’s Forum (Oct. 2015): Genia Technologies – A story of an electrical engineer’s quest for knowledge on the origin of life and his entrepreneurial journey to build a next generation DNA sequencing technology

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  • Event Date: Thursday, October 29, 2015
  • Time: 6:30PM-9:00PM
  • Speaker: Roger Chen (陳正哲), Chief Technical Officer, Genia
  • Location: ITRI International, 2870 Zanker Rd., Suite 140, San Jose, CA95134
  • Contact Info:
  • Register: Please register in advance. Click here. Free.
  • Light dinner, soft drink and water provided


Monte Jade Science and Technology Association is proud to feature Mr. Roger Chen, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Genia Technologies, as the guest speaker for the October 2015 Tien Forum Speaker Series. Roger will share with the audience his inspirational and unconventional journey from an electrical engineer to the co-founder of an DNA sequencing technology startup, why he decided to retire in his early thirties, what motivated him to come out of retirement to further his studies in a completely new discipline, and how he created and build a successful startup without any help from VCs on Sand Hill Road.


Speaker Bio:

Roger Chen

Roger is a second generation Taiwanese American. After graduating from MIT with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1991, Roger worked for ten years at Maxim Integrated Products, an industry leader in analog semiconductors. While at Maxim, Roger defined and launched over 50 integrated circuits that are currently in production today. In 2001, Roger retired from Maxim to pursue his intellectual interest in the origin of life, which led him to further his studies at UC Santa Cruz, where he later received a Masters degree in Biochemistry.


In 2009, Roger co-founded and became the Chief Technical Officer of Genia Technologies to develop integrated circuits that would enable massively parallel single-molecule DNA sequencing using nanopore based sequencing technologies. The company’s mission was to make genetic testing easy and affordable by using a revolutionary, low cost DNA/RNA reader that will improve the lives of people in a variety of applications, include the diagnosis of cancers and infectious diseases, non-invasive prenatal testing, matching the right drug to the right patient and identification of genetic diseases.


In June of 2014, Genia Technologies was acquired by Roche for $350 million.


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Aug 06 2015

25th Monte Jade Annual Conference- 25 Years: Celebrating the Past, Envisioning the Future

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  • Event Date: Saturday, September 19, 2015
  • Time: Afternoon Program 1:00pm-5:00pm; Dinner Banquet 6:00pm-10:00pm
  • Location: Hyatt Santa Clara, 5101 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054
  • Registration: Online registration is required. Afternoon program is free if pre-registered, $5 on-site.
  • Dinner cost: $120. Seating is limited.
  • Announcement of the “Shark Tank for Startup” final participants: September 9, 2015
  • Contact: or (408)428-0388 for more information and sponsorship.

  • Theme: 25 Years: Celebrating the Past, Envisioning the Future 
  • Afternoon Keynote:
    Dr. Maverick Shih (施宣輝), President, BYOC Business Group, Acer Inc.
    Topic: Internet of Being– Creating the Value for New Cloud Era
  • Evening Keynote:
    Dr. Tien Wu (吳田玉), COO of ASE / Board Member of Global Semiconductor Association
    Topic: The Changing Landscape of Semiconductor

  • Panel Speakers:
    Session (a) Appreciate Monte Jade’s Past and Lead to Create the Future
    Session Chair: Maggie Li (李喬琚), New Hope Chinese Cancer Foundation

    Moderator: Ed Yang (楊耀武), iD Ventures America
    -Chih-Kai (CK) Cheng (鄭志凱), Acorn Pacific Ventures
    -Lilly Chung (鍾靜嫻), Deloitte
    -Hsing Kung (龔行憲), Acorn Campus
    -Hu Limin (胡立民), Ellie Mae
    -Bob Lin (林富元), Healthlink
    -Cheng-Chung Shih (施振強), Vishay

    Session (b) Venture Capital– Past, Present and Future
    Session Chair: Eric Huang (黃梓洋), COINX Ventures

    Moderator: Eric Huang (黃梓洋), COINX Ventures
    -Peter Hsieh (謝忠高), Acorn Pacific Ventures
    -Matt Huang (黃耀明), Armorize Technologies
    -Andrew Tang (湯忠), Draper University
    -Roger Royse, Royse Law Firm, PC
    -Jackie Yang (楊榮恭), TransLink Capital

    Session (c) Startup Presentation: “Shark Tank”
    Session Chair: Alan Wu (吳其鈞), AMobile

    Moderator: Peter Hsieh (謝忠高), Acorn Pacific Ventures
    -Limin Hu (胡立民), Ellie Mae
    -Tony Huang (黃君耀), WI Harper Group
    -Eric Huang (黃梓洋), COINX Ventures
    -Larry Wang (王南雷), Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
    -Stewart Wu (吳文燦), Cortina Systems
    -Jackie Yang (楊榮恭), Translink Capital

  • Session (d) Life: “Work-Life Balance”
    Session Chair: David Jeng (鄭詠升), Wintec Industries

    Moderator: David Jeng (鄭詠升), Wintec Industries
    -Logan Allin, ONEHOPE Wine
    -Derek Biazo, Alexander’s Steakhouse Cupertino
    -Yung Chen (陳永光), Silicon Valley Stem Cell Treatment Center
    -Amy Hoopes, Wente Vineyards
    -Katie Hsieh (謝凱婷), How Living 


    All Speaker Bio: here


  • Master of Ceremony:
    -Afternoon MC: Anne Hu (胡秀瑛)
    -Evening MC: Lily Chou Loh (周濼)
  • Entertainment:
    -Opening Performer: San Jose Taiko
    -Performing MC: Rambo Shyy (史浩辰)
    -Performer: Anthony Neely (倪安東)
    -Live Band: Silicon Valley Band

  • Agenda:
  • Afternoon Program
    12:00 -1:00 PM Registration
    1:00 -1:10 PM Welcome Remarks
    1:10- 2:00 PM Keynote Speech by Dr. Maverick Shih (施宣輝)
    Topic: Internet of Being– Creating the Value for New Cloud Era

    2:00- 3:15 PM
    Session (a) “Appreciate Monte Jade’s Past and Create the Future”
    Session (b) “Venture Capital– Past, Present and Future”

    3:15- 3:40 PM Break

    3:40- 4:45 PM
    Session (c) Startup Presentation: “Shark Tank”
    Session (d) Life: “Work-Life Balance”

    4:45- 5:00 PM Afternoon event closing remark


    Evening Program
    5:00- 5:30 PM Cocktail Reception
    5:30- 6:00 PM Registration

    6:00- 6:45 PM Dinner
    6:45- 7:00 PM San Jose Taiko Opening Performance
    7:00- 7:05 PM Welcome Remark
    7:05- 7:15 PM Award Ceremony
    -Lifetime Award to Dr. Chuang Yii-Der (莊以德)
    -Lifetime Award to Dr. Stan Shih (施振榮)
    7:15- 8:00 PM VIP Announcement

    8:00- 8:45 PM Evening Keynote Speech by Dr. Tien Wu (吳田玉)
    Topic: The Changing Landscape of Semiconductor
    8:45- 9:15 PM Performance: Anthony Neely (倪安東)
    9:15- 9:45 PM Performance: Silicon Valley Band
    9:45- 9:55 PM Prize Raffle
    9:55- End ……. Live Band



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